The Atlantic Wall


German coastal defences
in France 1940-1944


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Plages du débarquement

German cemeteries in Normandy


The German soldiers have been buried in 1400 communities in the départements Manche, Orne and Calvados. In 1956 the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (German War Grave Commission) started to move the remains of more than 12.000 German soldiers to six main German cemeteries in Champigny-St. André, St. Désir-de-Lisieux, Marigny, La Cambe, Orglandes and Mont-de-Huisnes.


The largest German cemetery is located in La Cambe, a little village 24 km in the west of Bayeux. In the visitor center is a little exhibition on the German War Graves Commission and a data base to search for the names of German soldiers.


When travelling along the landing beaches please take the time to make a stop at one of the cemeteries in memory of the soldiers of World War Two.



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